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Ever wondered what to do with all those beautiful coins you have?

Instead of putting them all in a drawer or somewhere in a box, put them in The Coinbox! And display your coins with pride!

We are working on the box as we speak. And no, you won’t have to spin your coins manually. We will provide a small motor that will do all the work for you.

The Coinbox is the solution for every Tabler who likes to look at all his memories.

The Coinbox

The Coinbox

Starting from €150. Every Coinbox is customisable with your own logo. The pricing will be updated as soon as the development is finished.
I want one!

All Coinboxes are handmade and designed in Belgium. We make everything in-house, together with our lasermachine and the finest wood and acrylic. You can customise your own coin box by sending us your Table-logo. We are currently working on the last phase of the development. So please, be patient for now. When The Coinbox is available, we’ll send you a mail. So don’t forget to leave you e-mail address. We hope to send out the first boxes still this year (2022).

WOW! I want one! Keep me up to date!

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